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What is a Kundalini NRGY ?

Kundalini NRGY Awakening brings you back to your true essence. It is an energetic experience that reconnects you with yourself, your core. During the session, your energy is invited to awaken from within, to start flowing on a deep level. The awakening of your kundalini is a process of self-awareness and growth. The awakening occurs in phases. It requires willingness, courage, and surrender. However, it is the opportunity to fully step into your power.

Kundalini NRGY Awakening

The awakening of your kundalini is a process of self-awareness and growth. The awakening occurs in phases. It requires willingness, courage, and surrender. However, it is the opportunity to fully step into your power.

During a Kundalini NRGY Awakening session, we connect with a field of intelligent energy. It invites your energy system to awaken from within, to start flowing. It opens the doors to embark on a special journey of self-discovery.

As this energy begins to flow, blockages can gradually be released. Old traumas and emotions in our bodies are cleared. This intelligent energy knows what you need, can receive, and bear in the moment. Nothing can be forced. Your energy system will naturally open.

Studio NRGY Kundalini Awakening sessie (KAP) Kundalini Activation Process
Studio NRGY Kundalini Awakening sessie Vishuddha chakra

What is Kundalini Awakening?

Everything is Energy.

Kundalini is an Indian word that signifies our life force. With this energy, we are all born, and we all have this power within us. Kundalini energy is regarded as a primal energy or latent mystical force in the body.

The word Kundalini, translated from Sanskrit, literally means ’the coiled one.’ It refers to a coiled, spiral force located at the base of the spine in the sacrum; not in the physical body itself but in the energy body.

The benefits of Kundalini NRGY sessions

The benefits of Kundalini NRGY sessions are described as follows
  • Increased Self-Connection: People often feel more connected to themselves.
  • Deeper Self-Love: There is an experience of a deeper love for oneself.
  • Strong Inner Guidance: Participants receive strong inner guidance.
  • Emotional Connection: There is a heightened connection with emotions.
  • Sense of Purpose: Individuals report having a strong sense of purpose and clarity about why they are here.
  • Expression of Truth: Opening of the throat chakra leads to speaking one’s truth.
  • Enhanced Sexual Experiences: Enjoyment of sexual experiences may increase.
  • Smooth Flow of Life: Participants experience a smoother flow in life.
  • Unveiling Hidden Talents: With consistent practice, hidden talents may emerge.
  • Resolution of Health Challenges: Health challenges may diminish.
  • Answers to Life Questions: Significant life questions may find resolution.
  • Living Life Mission: Participants feel aligned with and live their life mission.
  • Reduced Stress: Unnecessary stress tends to decrease.
  • Urge to Contribute: There’s a strong desire to contribute to humanity.
  • Deep Connection with Earth and Animals: A profound connection with the earth and animals is experienced.

Seeing, Transforming & Evolving

Kundalini NRGY Awakening contributes to the awakening process, an experience that is all-encompassing with both highs and lows. As we experience more ‘enlightenment,’ with feelings of bliss and ecstasy, shadow work and unprocessed emotions simultaneously come to the surface. These two aspects are inseparable; the growth in happiness (The Joy of Being Alive) goes hand in hand with facing and transforming inner patterns and wounds.

These patterns and wounds present themselves as opportunities for transformation, allowing us to evolve to a higher level of consciousness. It is an essential part of our human growth. It is important to understand that Kundalini NRGY sessions do not offer a quick solution or a quick fix to bypass this process. Rather, they act as an acceleration and deepening in our growth process.

Kundalini NRGY sessions reveal patterns, provide clarity, and accelerate our growth. They do not serve as a magical solution but rather as powerful support. These experiential sessions imprint strongly from our Higher Self, reminding us of our full potential. It is a journey where we feel hope and connection, aimed at working through emotions and traumas more effectively.

Studio NRGY kundalini NRGY awakening process
Studio NRGY Kundalini Awakening sessie spirituele kundalini behandeling

What to expect?

Step into your full power!

During the session, you lie relaxed with closed eyes on a yoga mat. You listen to the (loud) music and surrender to what you feel. During the session, I will work in your energy field but also occasionally touch you. Surrendering yourself to the process without expectations is the key to a session. Your own energy will naturally open in a way that suits you and what you can handle. Your body knows the way.

An NRGY session typically lasts 2 to 2.5 hours.

The awakening of your Kundalini energy is a gradual process of self-discovery and growth. It occurs in phases and requires surrender, courage, and willingness. However, it is often truly understood only when experienced.”

What does NRGY mean?

NRGY = Energy


The root of “nadi” is “nad,” translated from Sanskrit, meaning “to flow.” Nadis are the channels of energy flow in the body.


Rama is a Vedic Sanskrit word that signifies an incarnation of Vishnu. It means “pleasant,” delightful, charming, beautiful, and lovely. It is the energy that flows through the nadis.


Refers to your essence, that magical part that gives life. Without specific religious meaning, you could also say: God within yourself.


This NRGY awakens YOU.

The deeper you, your mind, soul, essence.

Studio NRGY Kundalini Awakening sessie Sahasrara crown chakra
Kundalini NRGY - The joy of being alive

Participant responses

What a wonderful experience! Lizette's warm welcome and guidance made me feel safe and able to let all the energy flow. It was my first, but certainly not my last time. Thank you, Lizette!


Sometimes you are guided exactly or you sense where you need to be for the next step in your process/development. This is such a place! A special experience of surrender and letting go, exactly suited to what your system can handle at that moment and guided very warmly and purely by Lizette.


I hope it's not in the way somewhere, Lizette, but after the beautiful kundalini session with you I lost a hundred kilos of ballast. Tidy on the inside, connected to the outside. I floated back home a little in love with everything. Thank you and for those who are in doubt: experience it!


This was my first experience and it was very special! Where I am normally a bit shy and anxious, I was now able to quickly let go of that and felt relaxed. Lizette provided a very safe base and I surrendered to what came.


I experienced the KAP session as very pleasant. Lizette immediately created a safe setting and used very nice music. I immediately felt the energy flowing and dared to surrender to it (because of the safe setting). Thanks!